Lecture and poster information

Lecture information:

Keynote lectures 30 min including 5 min discussion

Oral contributions: There will be maximum 54 contributed oral presentations of 20 minutes, including 5 minutes of discussion

All oral contributions will be peer reviewed and the author will be notified no later than May 1st of acceptance. An updated program will be available after June 1st.

During the conference there will be assistance available in each lecture room throughout the conference to help with technical matters. Please remember to upload your oral contribution in your designated lecture room good time before your lecture. It is preferred that all lectures will be uploaded on the computers available at the conference. The lecture rooms will be equipped with laptops and projectors as well as microphones when so necessary. Please ensure that you keep your lecture to the time indicated in the programme. At the conference a book of abstracts will be provided to you.

Poster information:

A poster session with a light dinner and beverages will be held on Monday evening. The poster room(s) will be open for participants to put up their posters onto the numbered poster boards (numbered according to the book of abstracts) from lunch on Monday. Please ensure that you and your poster are available from the start of the poster session. The posters should be taken down after the poster presentation on Monday evening.

Poster size: the posters should be portrait oriented with a size of A0. Everything needed to attach the posters to the poster boards will be available in the poster session room(s).